Killing Time In Cusco

P9010896.JPGAnother journal entry during my time in Cusco.

I am currently residing in Cusco, Peru.  I’ve been here for a week, now, and yet I’ve barely even seen the city.  I’ve basically holed myself up in my hostel, Loki, and have been battling drink induced ailments.  I want nothing more than to don my backpack and head into the hills, but I can’t until I feel top-notch – it’s just too painful to walk for long.  Two more days, I think.

This city is overrun with tourists, and with that comes the thousands of venders selling tourist crap, and the multitudes of unfortunates asking for money.  I’ve been sitting in the main plaza for less than ten minutes, and already four people have interrupted my writing to either ask me for money or to try to sell me some kind of Inca memorabilia.  Or a tour to someplace I can easily walk to on my own.  I’m trying to give this city a chance – it should be amazing for me, after all, with all the Inca architecture, and the history.  But the people are killing it for me.  I’m seriously considering skipping Machu Picchu.  The tourism aspect of it is just turning me off completely.  I’m on the hunt for some military maps so I can do my usual wandering from village to village, sin turistas.  Fingers crossed it works out.  Which it will.  I’m determined to experience these mountains my way.  Did I say only four people asked me for money in ten minutes?  Make that more like a dozen.  Moving on.

Later on that day…

I found a better spot….not a Gringo in sight.  And I found a basic map.  It’s still not good enough to head into the mountains with, but it’s a start.  I had a nice walk around the city while I was hunting for it and I feel a lot better about the city again.  I’ve just been hanging out in the wrong areas.

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  1. Denise says:

    Adam! I can’t believe you’re still traveling. What an epic journey. You’ve been on the road almost two years now, no? How are things? And how’s your Spanish? 🙂

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